Driving a Cadillac on Spare Tires: The Power of Analogy for Getting into Team Flow

The use of analogy can be a strong factor in building, inspiring and motivating teams into flow, meaning that they have reached a state of high performance with happiness and meaning.  Over the next few weeks, I am going to talk about three power levers, tools that can help take some of the pressure off […]

Team Work in Healthcare IT during Summerland Education project

Why “Get into Team Flow?”

Why the blog theme “Get into Team Flow?” Its all about Getting Things Done I could have titled this blog  “How to get things done in a group” because that is what I am talking about. But “Get into Team Flow” sounds better and is more on point. Recently I have been reading works by […]

MJ Reiners President of Summerland Education speaking during team meeting

Join Our Online Community for Makers of Change

Hi, I’m MJ Reiners, President of Summerland Education. Welcome to my new blog “Get into Team Flow.” The purpose of this blog is to create an online community for agents of change to get ideas and support to help them be more successful. My expertise is in healthcare IT but team flow applies to all […]