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“I had the privilege of working with MJ on our Epic implementation. This was an 18 month project that converted 275+ sites with over 4,000 users live at one time. The implementation included one of the largest data conversion Epic has ever done. MJ’s management of this project was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. She kept hundreds of analysts on budget and on time. We met all deadlines and had an incredibly successful go live that included Cadence/Prelude/Resolute/EpicCare and Radiant. Within the first quarter of our go-live we had financially recovered to the point you couldn’t even tell we’d completed such a huge transition of our systems. MJ’s leadership skill and ability are stellar and right on point for a project of this size. What stands out about MJ is her change management techniques. Her leadership capabilities are expected but the way she is able to work with organizations to manage the change process is what sets her apart from other project managers I’ve worked with over the years. She is able to focus leadership on the fact that the project is more operational than it is technical and her approach to operational readiness and super user programs allows for an environment where needed change can occur. I don’t think we could have experienced such a successful go live without her on board. MJ is very seasoned and knowledgeable and I’m hopeful I will get the chance to work with her again in the future.”

Jerrie R. Rankin, MBA,CPA, CMPEVice President Operations
HealthTexas Provider Network

“It has been an honor to work with MJ over the last 18 months. I remember when I met with her and she made me feel right at home in joining the team.

She demonstrated amazing expertise, insight and wisdom in leading HTPN through the challenges of a “big bang” with hundreds of clinical sites and thousands of team members and providers. I believe our survey results post go live and our initial performance confirm that her attention to detail and process were in fact keys to our success. Additionally, MJ’s ability to network through the maze of a very large healthcare system is a testimony to her communication skills and tenacity for making sure we got to the finish line. Her allegiance to Super Nova was steadfast and we trusted MJ’s leadership.”

Dr. Glenn LedbetterBSW Health

“MJ was instrumental in the extreme success of our Epic implementation here at Baylor Scott & White Health. Not only was her guidance critical to our success around the best practices of an Epic install but she was equally crucial to the organizational and cultural changes that were needed as well. The implementation of an integrated clinical and revenue cycle system, which we had not had in the past, caused us to not just re-engineer our day-to-day operations but our entire system strategy and governance model. Most importantly, she ensured that we were prepared with the knowledge and processes required to be successful going forward after go-live. Her impact will be felt across BSWH for years to come!”

Charlie Whisman, MBA, PMPInformation Services Director
Baylor Scott & White Health

“MJ led our “big bang” Epic install including clinicals and financials/acute care and clinics from the beginning of the project through successful implementation for all of the Scott &White hospitals and clinics. She provided guidance and expertise at every level from team formation, validation and build, and optimization to achievement of HIMSS Level 7 certification within 6 months post go live! Her knowledge, management skills, and Epic expertise allowed us to avoid many pitfalls along the journey. She has comprehension of not only the financial aspects but brings to bear a deep understanding of the clinical implications of EHR implementation.”

Jeana O’Brien, MDCMIO
Baylor Scott & White Healthcare, Central Division

“MJ was the key piece connecting our implementation leadership and work streams which was directly responsible for our success. She kept things on track (or ahead), followed through with all tasks to ensure nothing was dropped, and did it all with a smile and professionalism that made her an invaluable part of our leadership team.”

Phil Aponte, MDVice President Informatics & Analytics
HealthTexas Provider Network | Baylor Scott & White Quality Alliance | Baylor Scott & White Health

“Our cash flow was not affected by our Epic implementation-which is very unusual. With MJ’s guidance and leadership, we avoided the pitfalls that others had fallen into. Financially, Epic was a non event in terms of our cash.”

Pam Peiffer, CFOHTPN of BSW Health

“I have great admiration for MJ and take her recommendations to heart. It’s been my great pleasure working with such a talented and skilled professional. We couldn’t have completed this project as successfully without her. Somehow in all the craziness she managed to make it fun! I’ll miss working with MJ.”

Chris WielgoszDirector of Clinical Informatics Health
Texas Provider Network | Baylor Scott & White Health

“MJ, your leadership was essential to a successful go-live. You need to know that, and you need to know we did not say ‘thank you’ enough to you. You exhibited confidence and patience and I truly valued what you brought to the team. I trust you are moving on to bigger and better opportunities, and yes I do hope we have the opportunity to work together again.”

Steve SibbittM.D BSW Health

“MJ, I so enjoyed working with you. Of the many things that was enjoyable the fact that you were a solver of problems first and foremost was impressive. I must say that the fact that I never heard “that is not my issue” spoken by you was the most impressive. Best wishes in the future, I am sure you will continue to be very successful.”

John L. Boyd, III, MD, MBA, CPE President and Chief Medical Officer
McLane Children’s BaylorScott&White Health

“MJ played a huge role in our successful transformation of our clinical and revenue cycle systems at Scott & White Healthcare. She brought years of successful implementation to the table experience and complemented it with an infectious positive attitude. Her refusal to ever quit or even consider defeat was a perfect complement for our culture and I would happily work with her again.”

Matthew ChambersChief Information Officer
Baylor Scott & White Health

“MJ’s leadership though the design, development and implementation of Epic at Scott & White was performed with an articulate and in-depth understanding of both the EHR and diverse health care system. Her ability to drive execution while maintaining the trust and relationships with key stakeholder and executive leaders is a distinctive and highly sought after trait. Success will continue to follow MJ due to her industry leading experience, ability to recognize and achieve innovation, and proven leadership techniques”

Maggi SavoSr. Project Manager
Baylor Scott & White Healthcare

“MJ has been a wonderful, patient and a tremendous source of knowledge and support throughout.  For the actual go live, there were a number of people who really stood out; MJ is one of the super stars and I have seen her in action first hand.”

Bryan Wolf, MDCIO
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

“I worked with MJ at SSM Health Care in St. Louis, MO. During that time, MJ led the effort to design, develop and implement a decision support system focused on financial performance of the then 18-hospital organization. I am particularly impressed with MJ’s focus on results, her abilities to bring people together and mediate diverse opinions and perspectives to reach consensus, and her drive to maintain project momentum. I highly recommend MJ, especially given her experience at Epic for the last 10 years with implementations and change management.”

Dave KamowskiCIO

“I worked with MJ Reiners on an enterprise EMR implementation at a large academic medical center. As the vendor lead executive, I found MJ to be very organized, and outcome driven. MJ displayed good communication skills across the project teams and executives. MJ demonstrated strength in workflow analysis and development, as well as project planning. She was a major contributor to the success of our project.”

Chuck BehlVP Finance
Rush University

“MJ Reiners is one of the brightest and most talented people I’ve worked with. She is an exceptional executive, project leader, and EHR expert. She is articulate, diplomatic, thoughtful and builds long-standing relationships with customers and colleagues. MJ has in-depth understanding of innovation and what it takes for organizations to create an environment that supports innovation and employee engagement. I would highly recommend her to anyone anywhere in the world.”

Julie HazeltonCertified Informatics RN
Essentia Health

“MJ provided years of guidance as we transformed one of the nation’s largest public health systems into an industry leading organization with national recognition for what we accomplished with Epic’s suite of products. She brings depth and experience to the table. Her guidance shortened our timeline, reduced our risk and maximized early ROI from our Epic implementation. Thanks MJ!”

Tim TindleCIO
Harris County Hospital District

“MJ has been instrumental in the success we have had at UTMB with the EMR. Our project started out a bit rough, but then MJ came in and helped us put together a strategy and a governance structure that worked for us. She always advocated for strong physician leadership and effective change management that ensured we met out CPOE goals.  I have enjoyed working with MJ over the years and I would recommend her to any healthcare organization.”

Mike Warren, MDPhysician Champion
University of Texas Medical Branch

“MJ, TMC just got to HIMSS Analytics Stage 7! And with flying colors, I might add. I wanted you to know, since you were such a large part of getting us where we are. Many thanks for all your help and guidance over the years.”

Carol GardnerProject Manager
Tucson Medical Center

“MJ Reiners was Epic’s lead for Deaconess Health System’s ambulatory and inpatient EMR implementations. She provided valuable leadership for our team and was a strong advocate for Epic’s go hard and fast approach to go-live. MJ was on site for all our major implementations and helped us maintain our resolve to stay the course even when the going felt tough. With her guidance we set high standards for training of all staff, including physicians, and held the line on requiring 100% adoption and use of the electronic record. That level of leadership and support helped us achieve HIMSS Stage 6 shortly after our CPOM go-live and HIMSS Stage 7 about 18 months later.”

James R. Porter, MD, FAAP, FACHEVice President & Chief Medical Officer Deaconess
Health System, Inc.